Sunday, August 30, 2009

The work they get paid for and call it their Job.

Why are we so rude to the customer care reps of the service industry?
Why do we try to be polite in the beginnin of the conv and slowly inch towards losing it?
Why do we get irritated when they ask questions to verify your identity?
Why do we wait for d exact moment when you are kinda sure they wont be havin an answer and pounce on them with no mercy?
Why are issues with our cell bills,internet connection,gas connection,electronics,satellite t.v network so damn important that you go to no limits barking at them?
Why do we think that the people working in call centres can be treated like low-lives who couldnt manage to get another job.?
Why are we so quick in concluding that these people are incompetent?
Why cant we be a li'l more patient and help them help us?
Why do we get irritated with the fact that things for which,once paid for should work exactly as its supposed to, without any problems?
Why do we abuse or try to have fun with those guys who calls up with offers and credit cards and personal loans and finance?
Why are we this way.?
Why cant we be at peace?
Why do we let them take our happiness for as much as 2mins when we attend these calls?

Go to > Edit > Find "We" >Replace with "I". :D :D :D

High Time

After every Ganesh Visarjan,there's an email forward that does rounds.A pic that shows all these idols being washed away to the shore.The hands,trunk,legs,crown sticking out.Garbage dumpers cleaning them up.

A day or two before,every Raksha Bandhan,another forward comes about.A guy hangin on the handi rope,with a girls below waitin with Rakhis.

The Happy Holi forward,that has these young chicks in salwar,all coloured up.They claim to be some Lahore college ki items.(mst admit,gud watch they r,nevertheless)

The 'install firecrackers,lamps,lightings on your desktops' , 'The burst firecrackers .exe files' foward during diwali.

C'mon man.Where the hell did something called IMPROVISATION go.For me,its been almost 4 consecutive years since we bein subjected to d same thing on each of these festivals.

I need new ones.Atleast,the Holi waala.
"Holi kab hai??..Kab hai holi"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Where am I

My latest crib.
Age is catching up.Me is still at the same place,same position,same work.Me is static.Me aint going nowhere.Me dont kno where me gona be in a few years from now.Me dont wana wait for few more years actually.Me had to be somewhere by now.Age is catching up.

Title Block

How much does thinking for a title takes so much of ur time,that all your posts dont really end up as you'd hav wanted it to be.
Yup,all ur posts dont really need a title,but still,lots of thot does go behind it.
No wonder,d post suck wen it got a nice title,and d title sounds outright stupid and irrelevant wit a nice post following it.

And not to mention abt the Gtalk,facebook,twitter,orkut tags.It takes a song or nice line u mst hav read somewhere to make it to that space.

So much for a title!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


2 years back,we had a much talkd abt winter.They say bombay neva has winters.Ya.It was proved wrong.Bombay had a winter,the way it never had before.Guess,it was making a point.It sure was cold.The summers were too hot to handle.The rains dint bother playing its part.Thereafter,came a winter that wud hav been easily missed.It wasnt cold in the mornings and it never was cold in the nights.
The effect of global warmings were clearly seen.The atmosphere was screwed in and out.This year's summer was bad as well.It just wasnt a summer,you'd wanna step out to.The heat was too much,the humidity worse still.Thot the rains wud play havoc,but no,it dint.It came late,but its still here.But thats def/making the city keep its cool.
Yup.There are showers,just wen u need it.Its cold,wen ud want it to be.The nights are pleasant.Hope it stays,till the winter steps in to play its role.
The morning walks to the bus stop and the ride,atleast keeps ur mornings healthy and away from any sort ill feelings dat hovers around.
Another thing,the MUMBAI WALLS.Yes,the I-Day celebrations tuk a smart route.A wall stretching from mahim to matunga,was painted by artists and ppl alike.and its too cool.As a frend sed,no good thing lasts forver,hope these walls get some time before it gets its doze of piss and spitoon.
Hope it stays for a while.!!
Me havent seen it yet,though.So really hope it does stay.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Travelled!!Tired??? lekin kyon?

How often do u find ppl complaining how tired they are,after they r back frm a journey..

"I jst got back from a train journey", "Our flight was delayed,kept circling" , "It took 4 hours for our driver to reach home" .... I AM TIRED!!..

I bet mah 1000 bucks....Each one of them must have slept throughout the journey.Ofcourse,they do.All of us does..We tend to sleep when we are traveling.Starting with a comfortable leg spread slumber in the train berths,to a li'l less but a more relaxing ambience in a flight,to a cramped but satisfying head banging sleep in a car,each of us get their own quota of a needless but refreshing sleep dozes.

And they say,they are tired !!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Doesnt see whats coming

"He probbably doesnt see wots coming.That's why,he is so happy"

Thus said the owner to his wife about their dog,Marley.
This one dialogue is gona stay wit me.It was so true to be said about their very happy and naughty doggy.
Marley&Me.Thats d movie.Not a must watch,but the dog's indeed very lovable.

Helping or making them work?

We had these diyas up for circulation from a collegue.Those were made by polio stricken kids of the Society for Rehabilitation of Paraplegics.
Now,what was being done was,out of some 5 samples,u cud select which one u'd like and they wud be made.Now obv,buying their work and paying is a well taken idea than donating money.Atleast i think so.But then,wot turned out to be,was lotta ppl thot d same and dey generoulsy had sum gud amount of thought over selecting and placing orders for a nice quantity.It wasnt just the 'lets help get them business'.so it kinda turned out to be a major number. And obv,there wud be like minds anywhere else.
So,wot those kids have in hand is gud chunk of orders for diyas,a deadline before d festival of Diwali..
Now,y wud we wana subject those kids to a task??.It just wud have been nice if its limited to some quantity rather than delivering each one of those.
I just hope its indeed dat way.
But heck!!dat dint make me cancel my order of 2nos.Been thinking hard for it though.Shud i or shudnt i??

Spelling mistakes

Gandhiji mispelled 'kettle'.Atleast only thing dats known to ppl around.But hell!!.only one in all those years is,no doubt commendable.
Its pretty embarrassing,when a simple word ka spellin doesnt strike well.I dont really like,to put an extra 2minutes,just to figure out,think and pronounce aloud and then concluding,whichever sounds gud shud be the correct one.
Below is my list and this post wud have inserts every now and then.Bcs,though i mitent think of all and (probb not post d simpler ones :P),im sure there wud be more.


Now dat werent hain..pakkka hai.. :)


Sometimes,I wonder,why r problems so expensive.Other than the stress and bad vibes it gives us,it freaking costs money!!.
Well..sumthin dat ws put behind,came back wit a bang.And hell.wot a bang dat was.
It hurts,and the 'y me','y now','y again' questions pops up.Trudging along with a new answer evryday,trying to unconvincingly putting to rest those questions.Something,dat i realised,is dat ders one more thing dats adding to it.Im freaking losing mah temper at home.Now dat definetely aint cool.Not at all.
With ppl around fielding questions and giving sugggestions,mah patience & tolerance is being put to an amazing test. far,outta d last 14 days,its 3 days dat dint really go well!!..
Like the prev post,optimism,cud have helped :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not in me

Optimism wasn't a part in me.
Guess,i used to think gud.and not exactly think positive.(now dat i've sed it,i'd stick and argue fr mah line!!..wotever on earth it means)
For me,things in your control can take a shape,exactly or close to wot u had imagined.U jst need to work for it.
And things,dat is ultimately based on decisions made by others,i wudn't wana be an optimistic,tongue sticking nd tail waggin doggy.Probb,it jst keeps u cool.or sane,if i can say so.But,i kinda got mah doubts on it working.
A li'l background on the above words:Mah promotion is due.The economy is hit.And 10 mins with the boss :).

Big Plans

I like how mah brain works when im not at work,not home,no t.v,doin nothin.
More like travellin,waiting.Man!!that li'l dude actually thinks of a lotta things.Only to end when im bak to routine.
It indeed makes big plans for me in those 2-3 hrs.

Never once durin the rest of mah living years.:(

Sir 100rs sir

The cycle rickshaws and the hand pulled rickshaws are no doubt a sight to see.And obv,ppl who see them(other than the ones who regularly uses it) would obviously wana try them.Simply for the joy of it.
I am one of those,who had welcumd the ban on the hand-pulled ones in Calcutta.I mean,its indeed a task.It aint easy for them.ya.ok..wot wil dey do abt the living??i refuse to answer.I wud jst opine abt the ban(talk abt convenience!!)and lukin closely,they are pretty old folks.Its hard jst Lukin them sweat,lukin them catching that one li'l gush of air,that one breath,to take u a step further.Not cool.its kinda the same for cycle rickshaws as well.They are no doubt cheap.they are slow.And as one american,with whom we were for a coupla months had once commented "The bad roads,the slow traffic is hitting the productivity of your country."
Point taken.
Last issue abt the 'on-your-back' travel.You cant really refuse the money they ask you after the end of the ride.Heaving,gasping,panting:"Sir, 100rs sir".I can give,can afford and to think of it,the upslopes were really too much,to a point,where i had asked if i shud get down.
He got wot he askd.And me wasnt a happy man.And it wasnt abt the 100.
Guess,it was the 'out-of-sympathy' rupee earning methods that either the passengers promote or the drivers adopt.


Been 4 yrs around workin,one gud thing abt it has been the opportunity to roam around in some parts of d country,which obv otherwise wudnt have hapnd.
Oh.k..tried hard recollectin.Now that aint too much in 4 yrs.well..jst d way i like it..that means nt mch work. :)...But,keeping d work part aside,i'd say,its been be at certain places,travelling,walking around,takin d local transports,d way of life,sure as hell,otherwie,wud never hav had come across..unless, becums sum vagabond journo or a snapper..
One nicest thing that me just realised,is there is somethin that i really like.The train its not that me havnt been takin trains,bt its d diffrnt places and small time towns and villages.
Coming back.The rains,the flooded farms,and those li'l hard working figures,holding those coloured plastic sheets.Simply love that sight!!Come sun or rain,for them there are no water cooler moments,no breaks,no chai ka sutta and no walk after lunch.Wonder when you work for a living,this is how you work.And when you work for a career,salary,you tend to this,only during the FY end.
This reminds me of a forward that i recd very recently.
"A traveller luks at a farm, outta the window of an air-plane and thinks of home.a child on the farms luks up to the sky and thinks of a far away place"

Wishing for more travels around.In my country :)