Thursday, February 9, 2012

People of Other Places :

Ain’t a mention of divide. Just that being in and around at a place do not give u a sense of understanding and knowledge about other things that exists.
Not that Im an enlightened one now,jst a feeling of 'seen and known'.
An amazing break from the shit-pit, a visit to a different state with a bunch of good friends, for a friend's wedding.
And as someone told me : 'Of all the places-UP??'..well,ya,of all d places UP. And it wasn't bad at all.
Surprisingly, i somehow felt a sense of hostility as a bunch of Mumbaikars in a UP bound train. Obv,there weren't any untoward incidents or smthin, bt i sumhow felt, that our presence wasn't really appreciated. Dont kno y, cant realy xplain or prove either.
Thnx to d Raj-ass-Thack-ass-rey.Stupid?Yes. True?Yes.

But heck,it was nice in all those cities we visited. We were spoken to really well. Yes, there wasn't the customer-shopkeeper relation in the shopping areas, in UP and Rajasthan. It was more of 'Take it or Leave' kinds, in few places. And it wasn’t taken well by us. Guess, we ain’t relay used to such behaviour.

What I liked was the tone of voice, accent, and the language of ppl interacted with in general had large signs of Respectability.

The basic 'tum and aap' wen communicated in Bombay,is more of being considerate of the age of the person, and nuthn to do with Respecting !!.. But here, it was different. Felt nice to be spoken to in such a way. Felt gud to hear conversations as well. Pakdiye, Dijiye, Lijiye, Kariye etc etc..

The li'l fites between auto waalas, basic ranting lacked frustration. It was with the same amount of respect and probb without a smile on d faces, bt it never was a 'Ive had enuff ' kinda thing.I understand, that the places I visited ,Kanpur-Agra-Varansi-Jaipur, weren't those industrial /commercial hub wherein the daily routine gets u all worked up, but still, wotever they did, they seemed to be at peace. Mebe,bcs I see it dat way, cuming frm a peace-less atmosphere, but Calm and chilled is wot i noticed in d ppl der. It was like not getting work home :)
All said, it's never fair to compare cities, and d way of living of ppl there. But,you gota live ur day ,their way,once a while.

And U bloody feel d difference, d minute, u land back in Mumbai.. I hate it, my arrival frm outstation travels to Mumbai. Just d arrival and d journey bak home!!. It's all gud once im home.
Cleanliness is a huge turn-off. Both match up to each other for the lack of it. Never before, was train ticketing ever dependent upon the place of origination or the route it takes. But now,after this trip, that's gona matter a lot.
We happned to be in transit, in trains cuming frm and goin to Bihar. It was bad. Right from the outright disregard for other passengers to be utterly mindless about hygiene.
A third ac,bogey,co-passenger with his wife and a two year old kid, thot it was perfectly fine to get d kid to poop right in between d seats !!.. "Baccha hai,koi baat nahi..Do minute ki tho baat hai".. Asshole !!.. Gave him a piece of my mind, but then wen a person never realises he has faltered can never accept he is at fault :) :) .. So ya, im gona be mindful and careful of the states that’s got the tracks laid on which mah train gona run on. If gotta choice,id make mah choice.....shit!!,dint feel like havin our lunch after dat !!..

Foreign nationals, newez are taken for a ride, dependin on the touts’ competencies. Guess,dats irrespective of the cities. That's a part of individual capacity and capability.

It was gud to travel wit frends that u’ve known for around 10 years,and haven't made a trip in a long time. The way of interaction, sharing and caring, I guess comes naturally. So it’s kinda ok, to not make another trip for long :P .. One thing u definitely don’t need is - experience.. Just the want of coming..Evolution and surprises are something one comes up with and also subjected to. U know ppl can change and adjust,but still remain the same set of guys as u know them. Loved the time :) :) ..
All bcs someone decided to get married in another city and the rest decided to be a part of the programme :) :)
A week later, in Mumbai, Shopper's Stop,two women were into a big round of conversation, very loud, upset at the billing counter, had a typical accent, and knew ppl were watching them, probb ridiculing them in their minds, eyeing them as an unwanted set in their city. Hostility stayed. But this time, Im sure, it was the feeling they had within them. Kinda the same one, I had wen we had begun the journey.

I kinda feel, wot it’s to be, them. At a home, far away from home, but not where you were born in and grew up, but where u are now. Living. Wanting to be at Peace..And it ain't easy. It just doesn't cum so easy!!.
Athithi concept don’t exist nomore.......

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forward Block :

I am high on Kung Fu Panda.
Its amazing,that the makers of KF Panda,even thot of getting Kung Fu & Panda to come together.Beats me..But the movie simply blows u away.

Unrelated.Totally Unrelated.

As on today,there's nothing that I am complaining about.Works good.All well.It aint newer close,to where in I wake up in the morning,and simply whine abt not wanting to go Nopes.Thankfully that I aint d case.All is well.I may not be doing well,but heck,its sumthin dat I wanted to do,and doing it.
Things other than work?? Well..Loving my weekends.Rest.Movies.TV.Books.Magazines.Dinner.Drinks.Sleep...So again,on that front,me aint missing much either.
So,I am playing pretty decently on the 2 things over which evryone's life revolves around.. Weekdays and Weekends.
Our life is made up these two components.
They come,We face them.They go.We leave them.
So that makes it sounds so damn easy.Piece of cake, actually.
Hmm.. So..wot am i cumin at?.its simply dat ders nuthin dat Im looking forward to.
That's a loss of life !!! :) :)

Sumthing during the weekdays: OUT Of QUESTION.
Anythin during the weekends : Aheem..well,i wud rest,or probb, sleep,or guess, watch tv,or catch a movie..Now dats sum thing I do,bcs,ders nuthin else to..It aint one of those activities,wer i set off wit a smile on mah face,and get to it..NO...dat def aint how it is..When sum1 calls,fr a movie,i wud be like,ok,lets go..Dinner,ok,lets go..No enthu,no nothing.
What should I be doin??: I really dnt hv a Fcking Idea ,as to wot is it dat I shud be doin...

That actualy sounded like a Rotlu,complaining.No sir,dis aint a complain.I got no complains.Just that I lack sumthing to Look Forward to :) :)
Is there a difference between the two?? : well... There could be,but not dat i kno of :) :).

"I feel all Kung Fuey today.Need some action.I wana kick some ass and bring in some Justice." ... Rite,Panda,U ARE looking forward to something.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wot Next??

So bloody relieved.So damn Happy.
3 years of sumthn has cum to an end.I wudn't say hard work,but ya its been a bit stressful nevertheless.
I wudnt say,dat mah evenin's wud be free,it was more often free dan bein busy.I duno,though it wasnt very taxing,but the fact dat d course was on for d last 3 years does make it sound dat it was indeed an accompolishment.And yes,it is an accompolishment.Things went well,without any incidents.The exam days were no doubt stressful.Not that I had a goal,mission etc,it was just another exam which u wud wana get over with!!!.
And now,no sooner that sumthn gets dun,d ever concerning question: "wot next??" Hello?? Wtf!! Y a next??ya,der mite be a lotta things dat one can do,but aint it incorrect to shoot dat one,like immediately after few hours!!..I dont have to do anythin to get goin with.It's not a bloody SSC exam,where i need to decide on mah career.Or for that matter a HSC or grad.I mean,Me aint even a full timer..But the funny part is,all of us equals,do ask this to each other.."Ab MBA ke baad kya??" yaar,ek naukri jo hai wo hai,ab line badlu,field badlu nd take another set of stress??.Ok.u mite wana do dat,wen u feel beaten already.And ofcourse,there was a gud no. Of unsatisfied employees who simply put up wit d jobs,jst so dat d Part time session gets done with.!!
Ya,so certain sudden shifts in job has got me a li'l bit of a bad name.A leave gets me questions like 'U lookin fr a job again?' and now after gettin done with d mba,gets me dose qustns again!!..
I think I wud,not immediately though.There's a concern,if not now,den will it hold any value??.Well,guess,Id gamble with it.Not bcs my last set of decisions,dint work for me,guess,its bcs,im a li'l apprehensive of being known as a jumper.Probb,line change karega ya tho khudka kuch karega...Easier typed,thot dan dun!!Lekin hell,it's der in d mind :D :D :D
So wot next??I realy dont kno.Will try to keep sockets nd drums open,if sumthin comes by,y not?? :) :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It aint d same

There usd to be a thrill attached.
There used to be a certain amount of enthu,hope fr fun,challenges,encountering problems and tacling dem.Quick thinking,smart moves,anything and everything dat cud make it memorable.
Thots of hypothetical situations,opinions on how to go abt dem,creatin d situations for others and then thinkin and rethinkin wot can make one go thru it.Askkin ppl,seeking their plan of action.
There used to be d time.When this was so very askd for,called for,prayin dem to come by.
And now is the time,where all I want is smooth passing.A less stress scenario.Where everythin simply needs to be in place.
Now is the time,so bloody different from wot it used to be.
Realisation strikes when either u r happy or irritated.And as its been d case,der r more occassions wherein u r irritated than joyous.Nothing or no1 to blame.Thats how one(Me) has chosen to,i believe.Bcs,else,happinness aint sumthin thats hard to ask for.
My recent work related travels just got me to think of it.Packing up and going sumwer aint of d many things dat i luk forward to.But strangely,once I am der,things are bak to normal.Duno wots d deal,I,kinda,dnt like it mch until my travel arrangements arent very solid and in place.
The sudden plans,d quick trips,once usd to b a fun mode for me.But not anymore.There's neva been a travel,wich has begun wit a 'shit' nd a bit of 'boss-abusing'.I kno its totally uncalled for,but still.
No idea,as to wot changed,and y it changed.But I kno,its there.I dont want to mah attitude towards and make it luk or sound different either.Will keep it jst d way it is.As I sed,no work,no effort.As smooth as it gets.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spate of incidents:

The act of buildin morale,the act of buildin up courage,the act of buildin up confidence,these acts are undoubtedly the best thing dat u ever get to do for urself.For one simple reason,these are somethin dat u got do it and none else can.They cud initiate,but there's always this thing called,feel for urself.
Yup.I did that for myself.It was good to implement,was gud to speak abt it.Ppl think highly of u as well.And even,in that moment,you may not kno that these are mere 'feel-good-for-an-instant' stuff,only to help u move further.Everytime u say to urself or others 'I wudnt regret my decision'' ,there still remains a hint of doubt in u.The doubts,wich are difficult to do away with.But just that,it wud help u to make a decision in the first place.Otherwise,probb u wud neva end up makin one.
I did make a decision.And honestly,nothin was wrong in it.Honestly,the doubts,wotever they wer,i was able to reason with them,nd dey understud it as well.For me,d decisions werent bad.It was highly calculated,and well thot-of.Stil,things had to go wrong.And then begins the back-tracking,which i feel was the worst thing to happen.
I guess,i had 2 choices: to hang in and fight and the other,to fight and walk away.Both wud hav been a comfortable pick.But instead,wot normally happens is,u end up doubting ur very first decision.U end up regretting on the choice dat u earlier made only to land up with the 2 new ones.And, with any fresh choices that's on your face,you r quite sure,that things indeed went wrong.
A decision is being blamed at.A step that you make,is bein looked down upon.And amidst all this,you r in a spot,to make another one.You think and talk abt it a lot.And that reinstates your resolve to make a new decision,as if wot u jst made and screwed up,wasnt enough!!.
All these counts on as experiences.But in my opinion,there's no learning out of it.Bcs,you did nothing wrong to learn out of it.You jst tuk a step to land at a right place.They remain as stories to be told.Thats all it ends up as.Mere,worthless stories.

Doing Nothing

Had a month long programme of doin nothing.And nothing can beat this.
You simply kno,there needs to be done nothing.The act of doing nothing.And its doable.And one shud do this once in a while.
Went closer to nature.Had a brief period of roughness in mumbai.Ended up being at a place calld KARE,an ayurvedic and yoga centre,in a hillock with mulshi river flowing beneath it.Awesome place.Had a nice 4 days there.But the downside was,i kept worryin abt the money i was blowing up.And yes,i did have reasons to.I was the only middle class guy there.The rest wer dollar earners,and that explained their fortnight long and month long stay!!.
Nevertheless,met some fine set of ppl.Heard some nice life stories.Across the globe,u wud hav ppl with similiar work issues.Ppl quitting out of raw deals.Ppl working real hard to learn and amass their knowledge and put into use.The constant will to learn is what amazed me.They refused to be a part of routine and chose to learn instead.Not complainin or worryin about wot holds for them in future,but jst d hope,dat doin sumthn new,will work to their advantange.
Security,wot we indians yearn for,is missing in them.And,i believe,thats the only reason,that adds up to their will,that gives them a direction to live in the present.
If asked,as to wot was the best thing for me,in those 4 days,i gues it were those conversations.I was moved.And the best part was,I dint relate or compare with how me or we (those in similar situation) live our life.Bcs only 2 things make our lifestyle:Salary and Travelling. Aint that sick???
Wot makes their liefstyle:Happiness and Knowledge.Gues,a kind of faith exists in them,an inherent feeling,that these are the two things for wich they'd accountable for.The rest has been or will be taken care of.
Love it :) :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rolling a dice :) :

"He got a KT again"
"It happens,not bcs he aint studyin,luck matters a lot"
I dint realise,wot was gona cum for the rest of my engineering days,after i sed dat.Everytime,d chance came,dey nagged!!..nagged like anything.
"Great!!.dnt study.Luck leke bhaith,pass ho jaayega"
"wot?? U think u gona get lucky nd sail thru??"

Well..i kinda did sail thru..And yup,id still stand by wot i had sed.Wotever it may be,wotever strikes ya,gud or bad,luck has a role to play.I used to,and still believe,luck has a role as much as anythin else does.So do I think, dat Faith is another thing,and so is optimism and ofcourse,d effort and hard work...errr...hope too.. :D .. .Having listed out the 'Hygiene Factors' here (yup.I am almost a MBA,I am authorised to use irrelevant terms,nd make it sound cool :P ... Hertzberg bhai shall explain..),it tells me one thing very clearly,dat I dont kno a shit abt wot is it that I truly believe in.Just knowin the attributes aint all,there got to be somethin that one has to bank on and follow.So,basically,i dunno wot is dat i depend on.

Nice start. :) . Now,the question:when ppl make important decisions,wot is it that they depend on?? Luck or Optimism??.do they just feel lucky or think they wud get lucky,nd go ahead wit it?Or do they simply know,dat things gona work out for them,just d way they want it to??..Im talkin abt very imp decisions here,wen there's nothin around,no factors to weigh upon and absolutely no damn back-up!!...
I dont know wot one does,when they feel or think neither of d above.But still,d decision has to be made.
Sumtimes experience plays a role,ur probbability of successes and failures too help ya decide,but again,such major 'decision-taking' chances dont cum so often(God,if dats d case,den hats off to those who surf thru !!) and ofcourse,there's always a fuckin first time !!! Wot the hell do u do then??..As I said,hangin on or hoping for times to change aint gona help here,u gotta decide---NOW....

Tuff one!!..truly a tuff one !!...