Sunday, March 13, 2011

It aint d same

There usd to be a thrill attached.
There used to be a certain amount of enthu,hope fr fun,challenges,encountering problems and tacling dem.Quick thinking,smart moves,anything and everything dat cud make it memorable.
Thots of hypothetical situations,opinions on how to go abt dem,creatin d situations for others and then thinkin and rethinkin wot can make one go thru it.Askkin ppl,seeking their plan of action.
There used to be d time.When this was so very askd for,called for,prayin dem to come by.
And now is the time,where all I want is smooth passing.A less stress scenario.Where everythin simply needs to be in place.
Now is the time,so bloody different from wot it used to be.
Realisation strikes when either u r happy or irritated.And as its been d case,der r more occassions wherein u r irritated than joyous.Nothing or no1 to blame.Thats how one(Me) has chosen to,i believe.Bcs,else,happinness aint sumthin thats hard to ask for.
My recent work related travels just got me to think of it.Packing up and going sumwer aint of d many things dat i luk forward to.But strangely,once I am der,things are bak to normal.Duno wots d deal,I,kinda,dnt like it mch until my travel arrangements arent very solid and in place.
The sudden plans,d quick trips,once usd to b a fun mode for me.But not anymore.There's neva been a travel,wich has begun wit a 'shit' nd a bit of 'boss-abusing'.I kno its totally uncalled for,but still.
No idea,as to wot changed,and y it changed.But I kno,its there.I dont want to mah attitude towards and make it luk or sound different either.Will keep it jst d way it is.As I sed,no work,no effort.As smooth as it gets.