Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wot Next??

So bloody relieved.So damn Happy.
3 years of sumthn has cum to an end.I wudn't say hard work,but ya its been a bit stressful nevertheless.
I wudnt say,dat mah evenin's wud be free,it was more often free dan bein busy.I duno,though it wasnt very taxing,but the fact dat d course was on for d last 3 years does make it sound dat it was indeed an accompolishment.And yes,it is an accompolishment.Things went well,without any incidents.The exam days were no doubt stressful.Not that I had a goal,mission etc,it was just another exam which u wud wana get over with!!!.
And now,no sooner that sumthn gets dun,d ever concerning question: "wot next??" Hello?? Wtf!! Y a next??ya,der mite be a lotta things dat one can do,but aint it incorrect to shoot dat one,like immediately after few hours!!..I dont have to do anythin to get goin with.It's not a bloody SSC exam,where i need to decide on mah career.Or for that matter a HSC or grad.I mean,Me aint even a full timer..But the funny part is,all of us equals,do ask this to each other.."Ab MBA ke baad kya??" yaar,ek naukri jo hai wo hai,ab line badlu,field badlu nd take another set of stress??.Ok.u mite wana do dat,wen u feel beaten already.And ofcourse,there was a gud no. Of unsatisfied employees who simply put up wit d jobs,jst so dat d Part time session gets done with.!!
Ya,so certain sudden shifts in job has got me a li'l bit of a bad name.A leave gets me questions like 'U lookin fr a job again?' and now after gettin done with d mba,gets me dose qustns again!!..
I think I wud,not immediately though.There's a concern,if not now,den will it hold any value??.Well,guess,Id gamble with it.Not bcs my last set of decisions,dint work for me,guess,its bcs,im a li'l apprehensive of being known as a jumper.Probb,line change karega ya tho khudka kuch karega...Easier typed,thot dan dun!!Lekin hell,it's der in d mind :D :D :D
So wot next??I realy dont kno.Will try to keep sockets nd drums open,if sumthin comes by,y not?? :) :)