Friday, July 23, 2010

Givin Up

Givin up.One of the hardest decision,dat each of us wud def encounter @ multiple times in life.Its as imp as it is hard to do..
U give up on ppl,on things,jst so dat u get wot u want,Or probb,u think the givin up is a step towards it.
It could be either to sweep aside sumthn,or could also be to get sumthn on its expense.And the obvious literal meaning of it :to lose it.To accept failure.

Different kinds of reactions follows after u hav dun dat,which depends upon each individual who maintains a basic idea of Giving up in his mind.

1.Give up and leave: I cant do this anymore.This is not wot I wanted.This is not wot i signed up for.

2.Give up and try: Hell wit this one.I'd try for wot comes next.And i'd do well.

3.Give up and wait :If it has to happen,it will.I wont bother abt it much.

4.Not give up,fight : Things will change.And,it will change for good.

I have come to believe,dat its only FAITH,dat makes and breaks ur decisions,dat influences your thoughts.Its faith,dat motivates or demotivates you to try or leave.Its Faith,dat makes you think that His will is gona make things better and hence makes you wait.Its faith in yourself,dat tells you to fight and win.Its faith in others,dat gets you to re-think on giving up on somebody.

Its only that,I dont seem to have enough of it.My struggles,could have been different too.Probb,it would.Someday.........