Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forward Block :

I am high on Kung Fu Panda.
Its amazing,that the makers of KF Panda,even thot of getting Kung Fu & Panda to come together.Beats me..But the movie simply blows u away.

Unrelated.Totally Unrelated.

As on today,there's nothing that I am complaining about.Works good.All well.It aint newer close,to where in I wake up in the morning,and simply whine abt not wanting to go Nopes.Thankfully that I aint d case.All is well.I may not be doing well,but heck,its sumthin dat I wanted to do,and doing it.
Things other than work?? Well..Loving my weekends.Rest.Movies.TV.Books.Magazines.Dinner.Drinks.Sleep...So again,on that front,me aint missing much either.
So,I am playing pretty decently on the 2 things over which evryone's life revolves around.. Weekdays and Weekends.
Our life is made up these two components.
They come,We face them.They go.We leave them.
So that makes it sounds so damn easy.Piece of cake, actually.
Hmm.. So..wot am i cumin at?.its simply dat ders nuthin dat Im looking forward to.
That's a loss of life !!! :) :)

Sumthing during the weekdays: OUT Of QUESTION.
Anythin during the weekends : Aheem..well,i wud rest,or probb, sleep,or guess, watch tv,or catch a movie..Now dats sum thing I do,bcs,ders nuthin else to..It aint one of those activities,wer i set off wit a smile on mah face,and get to it..NO...dat def aint how it is..When sum1 calls,fr a movie,i wud be like,ok,lets go..Dinner,ok,lets go..No enthu,no nothing.
What should I be doin??: I really dnt hv a Fcking Idea ,as to wot is it dat I shud be doin...

That actualy sounded like a Rotlu,complaining.No sir,dis aint a complain.I got no complains.Just that I lack sumthing to Look Forward to :) :)
Is there a difference between the two?? : well... There could be,but not dat i kno of :) :).

"I feel all Kung Fuey today.Need some action.I wana kick some ass and bring in some Justice." ... Rite,Panda,U ARE looking forward to something.