Thursday, February 9, 2012

People of Other Places :

Ain’t a mention of divide. Just that being in and around at a place do not give u a sense of understanding and knowledge about other things that exists.
Not that Im an enlightened one now,jst a feeling of 'seen and known'.
An amazing break from the shit-pit, a visit to a different state with a bunch of good friends, for a friend's wedding.
And as someone told me : 'Of all the places-UP??'..well,ya,of all d places UP. And it wasn't bad at all.
Surprisingly, i somehow felt a sense of hostility as a bunch of Mumbaikars in a UP bound train. Obv,there weren't any untoward incidents or smthin, bt i sumhow felt, that our presence wasn't really appreciated. Dont kno y, cant realy xplain or prove either.
Thnx to d Raj-ass-Thack-ass-rey.Stupid?Yes. True?Yes.

But heck,it was nice in all those cities we visited. We were spoken to really well. Yes, there wasn't the customer-shopkeeper relation in the shopping areas, in UP and Rajasthan. It was more of 'Take it or Leave' kinds, in few places. And it wasn’t taken well by us. Guess, we ain’t relay used to such behaviour.

What I liked was the tone of voice, accent, and the language of ppl interacted with in general had large signs of Respectability.

The basic 'tum and aap' wen communicated in Bombay,is more of being considerate of the age of the person, and nuthn to do with Respecting !!.. But here, it was different. Felt nice to be spoken to in such a way. Felt gud to hear conversations as well. Pakdiye, Dijiye, Lijiye, Kariye etc etc..

The li'l fites between auto waalas, basic ranting lacked frustration. It was with the same amount of respect and probb without a smile on d faces, bt it never was a 'Ive had enuff ' kinda thing.I understand, that the places I visited ,Kanpur-Agra-Varansi-Jaipur, weren't those industrial /commercial hub wherein the daily routine gets u all worked up, but still, wotever they did, they seemed to be at peace. Mebe,bcs I see it dat way, cuming frm a peace-less atmosphere, but Calm and chilled is wot i noticed in d ppl der. It was like not getting work home :)
All said, it's never fair to compare cities, and d way of living of ppl there. But,you gota live ur day ,their way,once a while.

And U bloody feel d difference, d minute, u land back in Mumbai.. I hate it, my arrival frm outstation travels to Mumbai. Just d arrival and d journey bak home!!. It's all gud once im home.
Cleanliness is a huge turn-off. Both match up to each other for the lack of it. Never before, was train ticketing ever dependent upon the place of origination or the route it takes. But now,after this trip, that's gona matter a lot.
We happned to be in transit, in trains cuming frm and goin to Bihar. It was bad. Right from the outright disregard for other passengers to be utterly mindless about hygiene.
A third ac,bogey,co-passenger with his wife and a two year old kid, thot it was perfectly fine to get d kid to poop right in between d seats !!.. "Baccha hai,koi baat nahi..Do minute ki tho baat hai".. Asshole !!.. Gave him a piece of my mind, but then wen a person never realises he has faltered can never accept he is at fault :) :) .. So ya, im gona be mindful and careful of the states that’s got the tracks laid on which mah train gona run on. If gotta choice,id make mah choice.....shit!!,dint feel like havin our lunch after dat !!..

Foreign nationals, newez are taken for a ride, dependin on the touts’ competencies. Guess,dats irrespective of the cities. That's a part of individual capacity and capability.

It was gud to travel wit frends that u’ve known for around 10 years,and haven't made a trip in a long time. The way of interaction, sharing and caring, I guess comes naturally. So it’s kinda ok, to not make another trip for long :P .. One thing u definitely don’t need is - experience.. Just the want of coming..Evolution and surprises are something one comes up with and also subjected to. U know ppl can change and adjust,but still remain the same set of guys as u know them. Loved the time :) :) ..
All bcs someone decided to get married in another city and the rest decided to be a part of the programme :) :)
A week later, in Mumbai, Shopper's Stop,two women were into a big round of conversation, very loud, upset at the billing counter, had a typical accent, and knew ppl were watching them, probb ridiculing them in their minds, eyeing them as an unwanted set in their city. Hostility stayed. But this time, Im sure, it was the feeling they had within them. Kinda the same one, I had wen we had begun the journey.

I kinda feel, wot it’s to be, them. At a home, far away from home, but not where you were born in and grew up, but where u are now. Living. Wanting to be at Peace..And it ain't easy. It just doesn't cum so easy!!.
Athithi concept don’t exist nomore.......