Saturday, April 10, 2010


U wait for something.U wait for it very very patiently.U wait for it for a long long time.U try.U keep trying.U try harder.U think lots.U think more than u supposed to.It more becomes of u waiting for a time to come,rather than the something dat u been waiting for.It happens as such,that something, isnt there in ur mind anymore,but,it is the someTIME that u luking for.

U start looking for a thing;it ends up being a time that u wait for..Do u jst lose focus on ur interest? or do u just feel its better to stay put and let things occur wen it has to?

A long wait always successfully manages to drown out the excitement.A long wait ensures that ud obviously want EVERYTHING out of whatever that u WANTED and u wudnt want to settle for any compromise.only nd only bcs u waited this long!!...The excitement is only wen u get wot u wanted,AS IT IS...else,its nothing short of a dampener..!!