Thursday, January 28, 2010

Of the Good and the Bad:

There's always an attribute attached to the the things that u do.There's alwez a right or a wrong way to do things.There's alwez an upside and a downside to the way u luk at things.There's alwez a gud and a bad choice.Everythin is binary.A 0 or a 1.

What drives u to these?Wots in for an indivdual wen he makes dis kinda choice.Wots in for a person wen he does a gud thing or makes a gud choice??...Wot does it take to stick to a bad thing and live with it.Having no qualms,no issues,no nothing with being bad and live happily eva after!!...

I guess,wot takes a person to be OK with his wrong doing can be
1)he doesnt realise,its bad.
2)dats exactly wot he wants to do and basks in its success.

The gud guy always makes it well.But then,he gotta take-off and move on,until he's got an adversary.But,d sad thing is,d gud aint actually able to win over the bad guys.He can end up havin a bettr life,better feeling but heck,wen it cums to a one on one face-off,he's lost it.
Wots also interesting is,its d bad that goes on silently with all its bad motives in place.And its d gud dat picks up the fight with the bad.The bad,wud sit back,study and hit back.The gud fights back,but even before it has started,they give up.They know,dis is not d place to be.Result:The Smirk ends up on the Bad guys'face. Happier,healthier,meaner and sicker!!.

The loser,wud live on a hope and an alwez unfulfilled oath that he will be back.But no!!Once out,it's a struggle.It's hard work.It's patience and experience that puts him at a place,wherein he's at peace.The lost out fight forgotten.The oath,invalid.
So??is it all worth it??.Well.not until u r affected.Fighting wen u r bein molested is one thing,but fighting only bcs u see d other person in an orgasm,is stupid.

Gud ppl hav cum and gone.Some did well,some close to doin well.The bad guys have stayed.They are damn well and doing pretty too!!..Their scores at an all time high.And ready for any one...Ready for anything good to get annhilated.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Luck by chance??:

I have come to realise that me been very lucky with my life.and im indeed grateful to be so, too.
To look back,nothin awfully bad has dawned upon me.My life's been really easy.Havn't had to endure hardships,so to say.My results, placements, jobs, family, finance, happiness,friends,days,health, peace, etc cud just have been worse,cud hav been bad,cud have been not so good,cud have been anything,but no,they aint or never been anythin for me to complain about.
Needless,cribbing and sulking are natural,but then,those can be excused.
Just cant use the words setbacks,bad times,ill-fate,destiny etc to describe few issues that i mite hav encountered.They have all been manageable.They have all been fringe.
Life's been gud to me.The GODS' been gud to me.Amen.

Been a while

Dunno if i shud categorize it as my second or third attempt.But ya,it sure is one.Again.A very very serious one.
As each day passes,realisation strikes,patience fades,frustration rises,irritation sinks,peace takes a beating!!.
This time,im tryin sumthn else.Drifted away totally.On the prev occasions,it was simply wanting to get out.But this has more reasons beyond just wanting to break free.
Obv,age aint keeping up either.And this has to happen.Now.Lagech!!
This added to the ever flourishing mind-sets that u gotta train urself:-Hope,Optimism,Confidence,radiance and many more.
Well,optimistic,yes,i am being one.Hope,yes,hoping well too.Confident,not sure..Just the fact that its not been much time,is keeping tabs on the fact, that me haven't failed yet.But then,hell,it still hasn't worked our well so far either.

"Hope is a gud thing and gud thing never dies".Guess,these lines have stopped working too.!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home Bars

Their kids call me Uncle.The kids' moms' call me "bhaiya".
Got to call the kids moms' as Bhabhiji,instead of my preferred "Ma'm".
Cant get them to call me by name.Just cant send dat msg across to those nice souls.
So got to address them (d kids's paa's) as "aap" instead of the everyday profane conduct.
Ofcourse,u shud keep d office stuff at office and got to be different wen u outta there.
But whoever said doing such things is easy.
Takes a great deal of effort to maintain d "talk-with-izzat" approach.
Specially,wen it was neva easy for me.And wen it neva exists in d first place.
This is wot makes get togethers a bit uncomfy.
This is why I always suggest,lets catch a drink outside.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Aal izz well!!

Naa..THis aint a review.There's been lots dats goin around.So me aint contributing.

Of mah local train rides,me been a witness to numerous comments,fights,display of gyaan,etc..Just dont remebr any of the kick-ass,smart-faced dialogues though,until yday.
Excerpts from a li'l,not so nice and a heated convo.Needless,its ended well.

"Utharne ha hai tho uthro na!!"
"Aap side se hato na"
"Kitna jagah chahie tumko?"
"Arre,utharneka hai mujhe"
"Tho uthar na.kaun roka tujhe??"

(in bold=he lost it.Wasnt newer close to being polite)

And then cums,frm the guy who wanted to get down: "Aal izz well" "Aal izz well"

Thats it.Fir bas hassi aur muskurahat chah gayi compartment mein...

Nice.Really nice.