Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spate of incidents:

The act of buildin morale,the act of buildin up courage,the act of buildin up confidence,these acts are undoubtedly the best thing dat u ever get to do for urself.For one simple reason,these are somethin dat u got do it and none else can.They cud initiate,but there's always this thing called,feel for urself.
Yup.I did that for myself.It was good to implement,was gud to speak abt it.Ppl think highly of u as well.And even,in that moment,you may not kno that these are mere 'feel-good-for-an-instant' stuff,only to help u move further.Everytime u say to urself or others 'I wudnt regret my decision'' ,there still remains a hint of doubt in u.The doubts,wich are difficult to do away with.But just that,it wud help u to make a decision in the first place.Otherwise,probb u wud neva end up makin one.
I did make a decision.And honestly,nothin was wrong in it.Honestly,the doubts,wotever they wer,i was able to reason with them,nd dey understud it as well.For me,d decisions werent bad.It was highly calculated,and well thot-of.Stil,things had to go wrong.And then begins the back-tracking,which i feel was the worst thing to happen.
I guess,i had 2 choices: to hang in and fight and the other,to fight and walk away.Both wud hav been a comfortable pick.But instead,wot normally happens is,u end up doubting ur very first decision.U end up regretting on the choice dat u earlier made only to land up with the 2 new ones.And, with any fresh choices that's on your face,you r quite sure,that things indeed went wrong.
A decision is being blamed at.A step that you make,is bein looked down upon.And amidst all this,you r in a spot,to make another one.You think and talk abt it a lot.And that reinstates your resolve to make a new decision,as if wot u jst made and screwed up,wasnt enough!!.
All these counts on as experiences.But in my opinion,there's no learning out of it.Bcs,you did nothing wrong to learn out of it.You jst tuk a step to land at a right place.They remain as stories to be told.Thats all it ends up as.Mere,worthless stories.


Unknown said...

:) decisions no more matter then... its the compromises which might make u learn :P... i do not kno if m even kiddin here ... however, i see what u mean.. nice post!

Sandy said...

thnx thnx....i try to keep it as less understandin as i can :D..bt still want ppl to relate :)

Durgesh said...

I didnt understand a thing...so... well done sandy!! :) ..your aim of making post "less understanding" is success...
cheers :)

Sandy said...

@durgesh:bas kya yaar..i do keep it vague,bt understandable hai yaar :) :)