Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Doing Nothing

Had a month long programme of doin nothing.And nothing can beat this.
You simply kno,there needs to be done nothing.The act of doing nothing.And its doable.And one shud do this once in a while.
Went closer to nature.Had a brief period of roughness in mumbai.Ended up being at a place calld KARE,an ayurvedic and yoga centre,in a hillock with mulshi river flowing beneath it.Awesome place.Had a nice 4 days there.But the downside was,i kept worryin abt the money i was blowing up.And yes,i did have reasons to.I was the only middle class guy there.The rest wer dollar earners,and that explained their fortnight long and month long stay!!.
Nevertheless,met some fine set of ppl.Heard some nice life stories.Across the globe,u wud hav ppl with similiar work issues.Ppl quitting out of raw deals.Ppl working real hard to learn and amass their knowledge and put into use.The constant will to learn is what amazed me.They refused to be a part of routine and chose to learn instead.Not complainin or worryin about wot holds for them in future,but jst d hope,dat doin sumthn new,will work to their advantange.
Security,wot we indians yearn for,is missing in them.And,i believe,thats the only reason,that adds up to their will,that gives them a direction to live in the present.
If asked,as to wot was the best thing for me,in those 4 days,i gues it were those conversations.I was moved.And the best part was,I dint relate or compare with how me or we (those in similar situation) live our life.Bcs only 2 things make our lifestyle:Salary and Travelling. Aint that sick???
Wot makes their liefstyle:Happiness and Knowledge.Gues,a kind of faith exists in them,an inherent feeling,that these are the two things for wich they'd accountable for.The rest has been or will be taken care of.
Love it :) :)


Durgesh said...

Hey bro...you too, can go after knowledge & adventure like those interesting ppl u met...what is holding YOU back?

Sandy said...

hmm..wts holdin me bak? well..i dnt think dat quitting and learning sumthin new,movin out to a place wer those things are available (like say,goin away nd stayin fr a month to learn smthn) isnt sumthin dats feasible!!!