Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The day your passion resigns!!

Do what you like,and you'd be happy!!.
Do what you are passionate about,you'd be really happy!!.
Better still,turning your passion,to a profession,there would never be a dull moment in your life!!.

:A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.

Few of the recent movies,that I can remember,which conforms to the above "Do what you like" thing :Rock On,TZP,Iqbal,Shikshanacha Aaicha Gho,etc.

There are some,who kno what they want,there are some,who like something,there are some,who's extremely fond of certain things,there are some,who are so damn passionate about certain things and there are those,who work towards them,to ACHIEVE something with it.

A major discussion wit a friend,lead me to this thought:Its better not to convert your passion to a profession.Ofcourse,there are lots a conditions that applies to it.And these relate more to the creative ones: music,art etc.

1.A profession,ultimately leads to certain aspects,some being,success,money,growth etc.Its JUST not the extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire anymore.
2.You follow what you are fond of,amidst support from near ones,or worse,major discouragements.Any which ways,that would definitely increase your resolve into actually getting into it,but the fact remains,you always have this pressure of doing well in whatever that you have stepped out for.
3.You work hard,you struggle,you strive to reach somewhere.I am not saying, its the money that you looking for,but yes,there's a threshold,below which you may not afford to carry something only bcs you are passionate about it.
4.It starts hitting you after a certain period of time,that you ain't going anywhere in the profession that you have just entered.Yes,the joy would still remain,but sadly,its no longer ONLY the joy that you want here,there are some add-ons,that you'd want too.
5.If you are passionate about something,you'd work hard,you'd be good,you'd be ultimately that good,that there's no stopping you.You'd be noticed,you'd move ahead,you'd get the satisfaction (joy + more joy).
6.You were simply happy with your passion for that thing.But now,the happiness comes with strings attached.The constant thought about your growth chart,your steps towards your dream,goal etc.
7.You wud have never thought of success and failure,then,when you were simply painting,or creating music,or dancing,singing etc.You have introduced these 2 terms in your journey when you make that as your profession.
8.The "fall-back plan" starts working in your mind.You gotta have a back-up profession or anything to sustain,in the event of any mishaps.
9.Your passion may just die in the pursuit of happiness.
10.Wrong move.Period.

There's a restaurant that me has frequented.They have live ghazals for the patrons.Now,it could very much be the kinda songs that this dude sings,that you do have this feeling,that he's sooo sad.But still,fact remains,that this guy,above 44 yrs old,singing in a restaurant,must have been surely passionate about singing in some point in his life.I am,obviously assuming things here,probb,this may not be his full time thing and again,it cud be,as well.Probb,he's doin it for his love of music,or probb,this is the only thing he has got, to feed himself.Probb,he does this because he likes doing what he's doing,or probb this is the only thing that he can do for his needs.I'd neva kno (well..i can actually,i just have to strike a conversation with him,but dat's not happening soon :P :P ).But yes,the point being,I see a man,who must have thought or dreamt of something better and bigger with his passion for singing.He must have tried real hard,but his preparation dint meet an opportunity for him to have his luck turned around.There would be many people within and around us,who'd be struggling from the day they realised their passion but never could make it.And yes,there'd be many,who just got better-off with it.

Keeping your passion alive,isnt going to kill you,but trying to keep yourselves alive just with your passion,MIGHT!!.

I do have success stories with me,of people I kno,or sum1 whom I kno,knowing.But they are in all the "Doing-what-I-always-wanted" stage.They are doing,or have got into what they always wanted to.And yes,its only thru the hard work and the enthusiasm they had.

As I mentioned,my apprehensions lie with those kinda passions where its you creative chord that plays.The so-called hobbies that helps you relax kinds.And these uncertainities and fear should not hold you back from venturing into anything that would always wanted,but hell,that's what I gotta say about it.

People who always wanted to get into medicine,architecture,engineering would no doubt,work hard and do well and yes,end up well too,with no regrets whatsover in following what they always had in mind and bloody nailing it.

Nevertheless,there's an ample amount of RESPECT that I hold for those, who do have a passion.Its not easy to recognise your skill in and love for something.And its even harder to pursue it.But just that,some things that makes you happy,should be kept just for that:For the JOY of doing it.


Anonymous said...

nice posta..
Sad thing....
You have to do it the other way around.....work with passion....if you're passionate about work....work works for you.....

Sandy said...

@ravi:thanks..bt wont take ur "be passionate abt ur work" thing.dats one thing u shudnt be,wen u dnt like it in d frst place..dnt hink u cud be jst get passionate abt sumthin,der gotta be sumthin dat u r passionate abt :)

Anonymous said...

Good one..i guess lot of thought has gone into writing this one. Although i agree with few points, i am not totally convinced why not to make your passion your profession..we will have pressures/problems/finanace issues with any profession we choose anyways.
But the main issue here is to FIND passion.. and i am sure there are very very few who find it and still rare who trun that in profession..(and the reason this is so difficult is that the answer lies within and not outside)

Sandy said...

@durgesh:well..again.true to an extent.its like,probs/pressure/fin issues wud be der wit nethn,bt den,aint dis sumthin dat u choose bcs u like,nd happy abt?..so,d above issues arent comparable wit ne other job in d frst place...
Nd d bigger concern is,doin well in it...

Sandy said...
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